Private Online Access

Better structure, greater results.

Many investors know the benefits of proper diversification, but we believe that creating a more efficient structure can help investors achieve greater results.

As fee-based portfolio managers, our mandate is to purchase quality assets on behalf of our clients at the best prices possible. Our series of NWM investment pools was created as a flexible and cost-effective way to deliver on that promise.

NWM Private Investment Pools are designed to provide an efficient investment structure that will benefit investors in both good times and bad. They add value by

  • Enhancing liquidity
  • Lowering product delivery costs
  • Giving clients access to markets and assets otherwise unavailable to them

Our pools deliver on these objectives and reflect our desire to continually find ways to better serve the needs of our clients.

The NWM Pools provide clients with a broad range of diversified asset classes and risk/reward strategies applicable to each investor’s particular circumstance.

Our pooled fund management strategy combines in-house management with the use of third-party managers selected for their particular expertise, style and performance.

For more information, please feel free to contact an NWM Advisor to read our Offering Memorandum.

Nicola Wealth Management is registered as a PM, IFM and EMD under the requirements of NI 31-103 with the BC Securities Commission and as a PM and EMD with the Alberta Securities Commission and the Ontario Securities Commission.