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Traditional financial planning approaches involve basic retirement planning.  They use a conventional “60/40, stocks and bonds” investment portfolio split, referring to 60% invested in equities and 40% in bonds.

A More Sophisticated Approach 

    1. Uncover tax efficiencies to accelerate saving, and
    2. Construct truly diversified investment portfolios that limit volatility and improve cash flow.

We move beyond the traditional approach by taking into account all aspects of your financial picture and examining how they work together to reduce tax and increase investment returns. 

How Do We Accomplish This? 

  • Build assets outside of your business that are not correlated to your company’s future performance.
  • Reassess your compensation structure; in most cases, taking a salary and buying RRSPs is a less than ideal approach for incorporated professionals and business owners.
  • Ensure your investment portfolio generates cash flow that is likely to be at least 50% of its long-term potential return.
  • Design your life insurance to be an asset class, not simply an expense.
  • Ensure your structure is tax efficient both now and with respect to your ultimate estate.

The goal of our analysis is to create greater and more efficient wealth building.  It is an approach to wealth management that requires comprehensive, sophisticated financial planning, and a detailed understanding of high net worth investors’ needs.