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1. Comprehensive Planning

listen, question, plan

Integrating advanced financial planning with investment management helps our clients build and manage their wealth effectively, from retirement income and estate planning, to shareholder arrangements and compensation planning.

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2. Philosophy & Performance

consistent isn't slow; it's steady

Our diversified, cash flow investment philosophy has outperformed traditional 60/40 “stock and bond” portfolios by almost 4% per year since January 2000, putting us in the top 5% of actively managed balanced portfolios by Canadian managers since 2000.

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3. Diversified Investment Management

beyond stocks and bonds

Access to alternative asset classes such as real estate, mortgages, private equity, hedge funds, and tax effective insurance strategies have significantly enhanced client returns, including 12% per year since 2000 through our real estate LPs.

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4. Fee-Based Advice

advice should be unbiased

Fee-based with respect to investment products, NWM declines third-party investment commissions and acts independently on our clients’ behalf, selecting investments and constructing portfolios that work in their best interests.

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5. Client Satisfaction

we enjoy what we do

NWM has a 99% client retention rate and 75% of our clients come to us as referrals. We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service experience, forging deep relationships with the many families we worked with.

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6. Extensive Diversification

grow beyond the conventional

We construct diversified, carefully-selected portfolios that surpass traditional investments to include mortgages, income-producing real estate, hedge funds, annuities and private equity investments.

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7. Proprietary Tools

crunch the numbers, build the plan

Proprietary tools allow clients to scenario plan interactively and immediately, inputting personal variables and objectives to determine potential outcomes and appropriate strategies.

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8. Legacy & Charitable Giving

the ability to give is a gift in itself

The NWM Private Giving Foundation was established to provide clients with strategies and resources that allow them to give tax efficiently, and in perpetuity, as part of their complete financial plan.

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