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John Nicola comments on the impact of using alternative assets to improve diversification and portfolio asset allocation.
Ray Tuchansky of The Edmonton Journal speaks with NWM Chairman & CEO John Nicola about what it takes to keep high net worth clients satisfied.
The Globe & Mail's Rob Carrick takes a look at Nicola Wealth Management's balanced portfolio and talks to John Nicola about the advantages of diversification and proper asset allocation.
We are incredibly proud of our Chief Financial Officer, Mike Taylor and his achievemtn as BIV's CFO of the Year in the small company category!

In The News

New Duke of Westminster, a 25-year-old who inherited $13.9B, has ties in Vancouver

In The News | August 13, 2016

National-Post-Logo - feature

Hugh Richard Louis Grosvenor, the newly minted Duke of Westminster inherits real estate fortune from his late father. Read more about the new Duke and the Grosvenor family connection to Nicola Wealth Management here.

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North American stock markets shy away from major moves amid Fed meeting

In The News | July 26, 2016


NWM's own portfolio manager, Ben Jang, speaks with The Canadian Press about Fed meetings, the quiet markets, and unlikely rate hikes.

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North American markets bounce back for first time since Brexit vote

In the News | June 24, 2016

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Just one week after Brexit, NWM's Ben Jang notes the knee-jerk reaction by the markets and that financially it remains a domestic issue versus an international one.

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Wealth Professional: Canada’sLeading Portfolio Managers

In The News | June 22, 2016


Wealth Professional has released their list of Canada’s Leading Portfolio Managers, and NWM's own Benjamin Jang made the list.

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VIP perks part of the deal for wealthy investors

In The News | June 15, 2016

2016-06-16 Globe and Mail feature

NWM President, David Sung speaks with the Globe and Mail in their feature on high net work investors and the VIP perks offered by wealth management firms.

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