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John Nicola comments on the impact of using alternative assets to improve diversification and portfolio asset allocation.
Ray Tuchansky of The Edmonton Journal speaks with NWM Chairman & CEO John Nicola about what it takes to keep high net worth clients satisfied.
The Globe & Mail's Rob Carrick takes a look at Nicola Wealth Management's balanced portfolio and talks to John Nicola about the advantages of diversification and proper asset allocation.
We are incredibly proud of our Chief Financial Officer, Mike Taylor and his achievemtn as BIV's CFO of the Year in the small company category!

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How to partner with tax and legal professionals

Investment Executive | July 20, 2015

Investment Executive - feature

NWM President, David Sung, speaks with Investment Executive about creating relationships with other professionals to offer a comprehensive wealth-management experience for clients.

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Canadians should be cautious of rock-bottom rates

The Toronto Star | February 23, 2015

000TheStar - feature

Thinking of using a low-interest loan or RRSP withdrawal to make that big purchase? Think again. NWM's Mark Thierriault speaks with The Toronto Star about Canadian's dipping into their RRSPs to fund home purchases.

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The Stability of Private Real Eastate Investment Pools | June 26, 2015


In the most recent edition of Advisor’s Edge, our David Sung and Wayman Crosby discuss the advantages of investing in RELPs and direct ownership real estate, versus market-influenced REITs.

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TSX manages modest advance; U.S. markets soar as interest rate worries recede

Financial Post | June 18, 2015

NWM in the Financial Post 2015

NWM's Ben Jang speaks with the Financial Post about improvements in the U.S. economy and what that means for interest rates.

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As investment gurus sound alarm, what’s the next bull market asset class? Still equities.

Financial Post | June 5, 2015

Financial Post 2015

In an article by the Financial Post, John Nicola comments on NWM’s investment approach and asset allocation, preferring to have only 40% in “regular stocks and bonds.”

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