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John Nicola comments on the impact of using alternative assets to improve diversification and portfolio asset allocation.
Ray Tuchansky of The Edmonton Journal speaks with NWM Chairman & CEO John Nicola about what it takes to keep high net worth clients satisfied.
The Globe & Mail's Rob Carrick takes a look at Nicola Wealth Management's balanced portfolio and talks to John Nicola about the advantages of diversification and proper asset allocation.
David Sung and NWM client Carl Jacobson talk to The Vancouver Sun about the advantages for business owners going with a dividend strategy over buying into RRSPs.
David Sung writes a column for Business in Vancouver offering business owners advice on avoiding the top 10 mistakes they're prone to make.
We are incredibly proud of our Chief Financial Officer, Mike Taylor and his achievemtn as BIV's CFO of the Year in the small company category!

In The News

Teach Children About Money by Age 10

The Globe and Mail | April 14, 2014

MEDA 2014-04-14-Teach Children About Money by Age 10 (feat)

NWM Advisor Phil Tippetts-Aylmer chats with The Globe & Mail about ways the wealthy can prepare their children for their inheritance.

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Canadian Stocks on a Roll

Financial Post| February 24, 2014

MEDA -2014-02-24-Canadian Stocks on a Roll (feat)

John Nicola speaks with the Financial Post on the factors that have pushed the TSX, but also warns against viewing it as a predictor of future gains.

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Alternative investing goes mainstream

Financial Post | February 21, 2014

MEDA-2014-02-21-Alternative investing goes mainstream (feat)

John Nicola talks to the Financial Post about alternative strategies and their rise in popularity as a way to diversify out of traditional stocks and bonds.

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‘Business In Vancouver’ lists NWM as BC’s Second Biggest Investment Fund Manager

Business In Vancouver | January 2014

MEDA BIV General (header)

Business in Vancouver lists Nicola Wealth Management as BC's second biggest investment fund management firm.

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Trust Changes Hurt Middle Class More Than Rich | February 11, 2014

MEDA-2013-02-11-Trust Changes Hurt Middle Class More Than Rich(Feat)

John Nicola speaks with about how changes in the 2014 Federal Budget will affect financial planning strategies for high net worth Canadian families.

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