Private Online Access

Downloadable Tools

Below are various Nicola Wealth Management Spreadsheet Tools that are available for download.

You will need the PASSWORD to open these spreadsheets. Please call or email Lanie Collins at (lcollins null@null nicolawealth or 604.739.6450 for a spreadsheet password.

We have attempted to make these tools as user friendly as possible, as up until now they have not been used by professionals outside of our firm. If you have any questions regarding the use of these spreadsheets, please feel free to call any member of our Planning Team. We can be reached at 604.739.6450.

Cash Flow Budget
Personal budget allocation and tracking spreadsheet

Insurance Needs Analysis
Insurance needs analysis tool

Retirement Modeling
Retirement income analysis spreadsheet in Excel

Compensation Modeling
Salaried vs. dividend income compensation analysis worksheet

IPP vs RRSP Analysis Tool
Individual Pension Plan vs. RRSP analysis