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Your Legacy

You have spent a lifetime of hard work to build your wealth and secure your family’s future.  From estate decisions to succession planning, it is essential that your financial plan also prepares for the disbursement of your wealth.

However, building a legacy through charitable giving isn’t limited to estate planning.  Being in a position to help others is an incredible gift in itself, and many consider it a privilege to give and support worthy causes throughout their lives. Throughout the process, your wealth management advisor’s role is to help you identify priorities and ensure that your plan addresses key issues, such as:

  • Are your charitable contributions as tax effective as possible?
  • Have you considered your children’s ability to handle their inheritance?
  • Do you have a current Will that expressly states your wishes regarding all important aspects of your passing?

Estate planning is an integral part of one’s financial plan and should be given the same thoughtful consideration as the other stages of the Financial Life Cycle.

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